Data-centric Solutions

Some look at complexity and see an obstacle – we only see opportunity. Providing comprehensible results from complex data streams is what we do. Our experts have the experience to produce measurable outcomes that you can use
to optimize human performance.

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Computational Analysis & Modeling

Data is simply information until it is analyzed and interpreted. We help you understand the quality, impact and practical application of your data sets. Using advanced analytics, we aggregate and process large data sets down to their functional components in order to derive actionable and measurable outputs. We design models that simulate and study complex systems to make sense of behavioural data. Our team excels in the application of data in the human performance, biomechanical, and physiological fields.

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Event Detection for
Wearable Technology

Wearables have changed the game for the human performance industry. Technological innovations allow us to monitor metrics such as fitness levels, physical activity, sleep and anatomical changes. We develop custom algorithms as a means by which to find points or events within those data streams that indicate moments of stress, performance or impactful perturbations to a system.

In doing so, we open up a new realm of opportunity for technology developers and professionals in the human performance industry, to optimize their performance industry to initiate interventions and optimize their products and their people.

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Outcome Prediction

The accurate prediction of an outcome can save valuable time and resources. And to predict that outcome, we lean on patterns of human behavior and physiology as a guide to what the future holds.

Our predictive models analyze past performance to determine whether current development protocols are positively impacting a system. These models can help prepare your organisation for an eventuality without needing to expend resources on testing or evaluating a new method. This service harnesses the real and lasting efficacy of algorithms.

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Technologies & Tools we work with

These are some of the tools we use to clean and process data sets and output real-time results.