Optimize human performance within sports, fitness, and wellness platforms, powered by Algovation.

Data is power but human imagination pulls the switch. We sift through complex data streams and; guided by the principles of data science, design the algorithms that power some of the world’s most innovative technology.

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About Us

What we believe in is who we are

We strive to support and promote an industry that utilizes and maximizes data streams as a means of enhancing organizations and gaining competitive advantages. We are dedicated to responsibly acquiring and evaluating data through respect, diligence, and accuracy.

We envision a world in which the technology we rely on, leverages the power of data to unlock human potential. Today’s world is a place we once believed was an impossibility. Our vision is to help make the world of tomorrow possible by using data captured in real-time to predict, analyze and perfect technology.

We are driven by the belief that measurable results on the ground begin with measurable data from the cloud. Our approach is to identify the unique needs of each of our clients on a case-by-case basis, investigate an organization’s current processes, and present ways of improving performance, efficiency, and relevance.

What we offer

Understanding the intricacies of human performance

Computational Analysis
& Modeling

Data is simply information until it is analyzed and interpreted. We help you understand the quality, impact, and practical application of your data sets.

Event Detection for
Wearable Technology

We open up a new realm of opportunity for technology developers and professionals in the human performance industry, to optimize their products and their people.

Outcome Prediction

Our predictive models analyze past and current performance to determine whether developmental protocols are positively impacting the system.

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We are Algovation

Our team brings together industry-leading experts with decades of experience in the data analytics, human performance, and high technology sectors. The team is led by Stephen Suydam, who has an engineering background and a PhD in biomechanics. Stephen specializes in gait and movement analysis, as well as data translation.

Our previous clients include companies within the American health insurance industry, and the US military, as well as a host of tech start-ups. Our collective expertise and experience has proven indispensable in solving problems with determination and innovation.

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